Andrew Sun, Pianist


“I’m what they call now a collaborative pianist.  They used to call us accompanists, which means we work with other musicians. In particular I work with singers. So what this means is that I will often play rehearsals for operas and voice lessons. I also coach singers, which means I give them sort of individual lessons that supplement their work with their voice teachers. I mostly work with opera singers who work with classical music.

“There are few other things you can do in this world that feed your brain and feed your soul in the same ways as working in music does….The greatest thing about music is that it is a wonderful outlet that let’s you explore aspects of your personality that you would otherwise would not be able to explore… Even if you’re not a mean person, you can be mean when you’re playing a song about a mean subject. Even if you’re not someone who is particularly flirtatious, you can be flirtatious in your music b/c it demands it, and it just requires that you do it. It’s interesting, you learn a lot about yourself while you’re exploring it.”

Andrew performs on Saturday October 8th @ 5pm as part of the Carnegie Neighborhood Concerts Series.

Check out some of Andrew’s past performances on YouTube.

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